My favourite Tweets

 My main communication with the world is twitter, where I can respond to questions instantly, and share my insights, humour and advice. I love the responses I get, so let me share with you some of my favourites…
I do push celebrities to wish my students luck, and sometimes get results…
Nick Frost ‏@nickjfrost
(the big guy from Shaun of The Dead & Hot Fuzz)

@MathOrMaths  Good luck to your students!




Rebecca Romero ‏@Rebecca_Romero

(Olympic Gold Medallist)

@MathorMaths –  good luck to your students in your exams!!!!



Su-Elise Nash ‏@Su_Elise (from girl group Mis-Teeq)

@MathOrMaths I wanna wish every one of your students good luck with their exams!!! Xxx

Hayley McQueen @HayleyMcQueen
(RTS award winning Sky Sports Journalist)

@MathOrMaths … good luck to all your students!

But if I am honest, I love hearing from people I have helped more…
steph mckeown @whataboutsteph
@MathOrMaths You’re a hero. I’ve learnt more in a week from you than 2 years with my teacher. Thank you so so so much. #mathmaticalsuperman

@MathOrMaths i have you to thank for the feeling of pride when i double underline that QED :p

Sarah P. ‏@pineappleness

@mathormaths you’re such a good teacher! you make everything seem sooooo simple =D thank you !

Sarina Sood ‏@Sarinaaa95

@MathOrMaths  helps so much! Thank you 😀 higher maths just got a tiny bit easier 🙂

Kathryn Shields ‏@kshields02

@MathOrMaths you’re such a legend! C4 papers are going a lot better now thanks to you #stillalongwaytogo

Adam Miller ‏@adamCFCmiller

@MathOrMaths you’re a hero! Why can’t more teachers be like you, offer such good advice.

Matthew Dawson ‏@MatthewDawson95

Would advise anyone doing maths to follow @MathOrMaths , really helpful for any problems!

Bilal Arif ‏@_bilalthebilal

@MathOrMaths You have given me tht lil bit of motivation needed to get going early morning * salute* 😀 #timetogetcracking

Joanna Conde ‏@joanna_conde

@mathormaths you are sooo incredibly helpful! Love you for your youtube tutorials! Telling all my friends about it now 🙂 x

Harriet Taylor ‏@Taylor_H1

@MathOrMaths thank you maths makes so much more sense!

Abdullah ‏@AAlSaudi10

@MathOrMaths has some great videos. Education should be strictly on YouTube in the future.

NoahP94 ‏@Noah_P94

@MathOrMaths Thanks for all your videos:) They really help!

Anony Mouse ‏@sheikhyy

@MathOrMaths thankyou! #legend

NΔS ‏@GeneralNasir

@MathOrMaths TOP DON!

Ahmed Gokal ‏@ahmedgokal

@MathOrMaths i owe you my life

Fraser Parris ‏@____Fraser____

Actually feeling quite confident for C2 after watching @mathormaths‘s many you tube videos haha #ThankYou

Matty Getty ‏@MattyGetty

@MathOrMaths thanks for the videos! Don’t even need a math teacher the videos are so well explained #mathrules

Esther King ‏@EstherKing2

@MathOrMaths Mr Maths you have been a shining beacon of hope & light. I am truly grateful for all your help. #INSPIRATIONAL #legend

Vaughn Leynes ‏@VaughnLeynes

@MathOrMaths Hey if it wasn’t for your videos I’m probably doomed for C2 maths on thursday. Thanks a lot all your videos were very helpful.

Andy Dáithi Breslin ‏@crdshark

@MathOrMaths i bet all your maths students love you 😛

Zahra Govani ‏@ZahraGovani

@MathOrMaths thank you 😀 #legend

Amy MacGregor ‏@amymacgX

If anyone needs help with a maths question tweet @MathOrMathsomg SO helpful

ZNK ‏@zarakayy

@MathOrMaths you can tell you’re very passionate and that’s great!

charlotte alderton ‏@llalalalalalaaa

bloody follow this man, #genius #onetowatch @MathOrMaths!/MathOrMaths

Naomi Oppenheim ‏@naomioppenheim

@PremtiK u need to use @MathOrMaths videos to help u revise today he’s the ultimate #mathsbabe

Robyn Farren ‏@rrobynn

@MathOrMaths thank you so much for all the videos!

Bothayna Al Zaman ‏@Bothaynaa

@MathOrMaths Thank you so much! And I really like what you’re doing here, helping students with maths! 😀

Raveena Bassan ‏@Raveena_Bassan

@MathOrMaths your maths solution videos are really useful, thank you so much sir 🙂

Freya ‏@star_freya

@MathOrMaths aaah thanks for your replies! your a genius!

rachrachrach ‏@rachoc123

@MathOrMaths thaaaank you! #lifesaver

Sam Netherway ‏@SamNetherway

@MathOrMaths Your videos have helped so much for mechanics and c1, it seems so much simpler the way you put it!

MuzBreezy ‏@MuziChoudhury

@MathOrMaths LOL! Thanks by the way. My confidence has increased more as you tweeted me hah 🙂

LaTrell ‏@JayJayLDN

if you study a level maths follow @MathOrMaths for amazing tutorials on exam questions!

Arifur Rahman ‏@arifur500dos

Getting above 80% in all the past papers i’m doing and all this thanks to @MathOrMaths , you are a #LEGEND

Alex Tuck ‏@alextuck93

@MathOrMaths I love you! #shouldvebeenmyteacher

@MathOrMaths YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!! #cantthankyouenough#mrmathmaticious

@MathOrMaths why are you so great?! Wish you’d been my teacher all year #topteacher

Rhea Kumar @rhea_kumar1

@MathOrMaths is really inspiring


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